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2 trainingband

This is where it all starts! The first year of learning is so important and rewarding for everyone involved.

Each week, students take part in a one-hour rehearsal and a 30-minute sectional tutorial.

Within the first six to eight weeks of the program, students will have a good knowledge of their instrument (mechanically) and how to produce a pleasing sound with it. They will also have a basic understanding of musical notation (rhythm & notes on the stave). Most import of all, they will create music as a band & will be ready for their first mini concert!

As we move through the year, students will advance in their tutor book & work on performance pieces designed to delight audiences at school fetes & open days. Of course, our main performance focus is on December when the band will take the stage to perform at the school’s end of year concert.

Concert Band – Students from years 4 to 6

Jazz PlayersOur Concert Band program builds on the knowledge students have gained in the training band. It is driven by developing a wide ranging repertoire of material designed to showcase the bands collective talent.

As with training band, students take part in a one-hour rehearsal and a 30-minute sectional tutorial.

Every school band is unique and this means that we select material that best suits the band. Throughout the year the band will work on a variety of genres from Pop tunes, movie themes, Classical pieces to Jazz and Rock tunes based on the instruments and skill levels of the players.

Many High Schools are developing band programs that take students through to HSC performance. Some private schools even offer year 7 musical scholarships to advanced players. Our goal is to equip our Concert Band musicians with the skills and knowledge to allow them to join the band at their High School so that they can continue their musical journey.

Program Management

Naturally we understand music and how to get the best learning outcomes but of equal importance is that we understand how to structure and run a highly successful program.

Our business model is based around clear and effective communication. This results in reduced stress for parents, teachers and office staff because they have a clear understanding of the program and have easy access to relevant information at all times.

  • A yearly program is mapped outlining ‘land marks in learning’ and key performance opportunities. This is marked on your school calendar under the school’s log in.
  • We work closely with School principals &/or Band Liaison staff on the week to week needs of the school and the program to address any timetable clashes.
  • Parents are invited to be part of their child’s learning and encouraged to email band program directors at any time.
  • Parents control payments, can check on tutorial scheduling, attendance and receive student reports via our secure web interface.

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