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Creating great school bands

Harnessing a child’s enthusiasm and directing that energy into learning an instrument is a gift that lasts a lifetime. At School Bands Australia, we delight in working with young minds to help them to appreciate music, learn their instrument, understand notation, have fun in performing and most importantly help them to “learn how to learn”.

Each SBA tutor and conductor is an experienced musician and performer. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills with the next generation and will go to great lengths to guide children through the challenges of playing in the School Band.

SBA’s method is based on teaching the fundamentals of music through practical examples, visualisations and performance. This allows individual students to progress quickly. As the individual grows, so too does the group. This creates a dynamic team environment that gives rise to our belief of . . .

Group learning, Individual results

Training and Professionalism

SBA has an extensive training program and directly supervises our staff in your school. Our tutors and conductors act in a professional manner and adhere to a strict dress code.

The safety and protection of children in our care is paramount. All staff are required to have a current Working With Children check. Further, we do not teach one to one in the school environment. A minimum of two students are required for a class to occur.

Contact SBA now to run your schools band program. To arrange a meeting to discuss building your band, please visit our contact page on the link below.

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